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🌺 Spring into Oaxaca…

Published 5 months ago • 1 min read

Hola hola, Reader,

Yesterday morning I was walking through the Boston Public Garden thinking about how much I like that park, and also how bleak it looks in winter compared to the rest of the year. It doesn’t help that they’re resurfacing the pond, so there are backhoes and piles of dirt instead of ice skaters this year. But I think it’s going to be glorious this spring, once the construction fencing is gone, the trees are blooming and the tulips are out.

So this naturally got me thinking about springtime plans, like the hosted trip to Oaxaca that I’m planning for May 3-9!

I’ve been hard at work putting together an incredible itinerary and looking for the best partners to bring it to life. Today, I’m excited to let you know that we’ll be staying at the very special Quinta Real Oaxaca! This is a 16th-century convent that’s been converted into a beautiful luxury hotel. Rooms and public spaces are set amongst leafy courtyards and gardens, and colonial architectural details abound.

One of the best parts is that the hotel is located right in the heart of Oaxaca’s colorful, UNESCO-listed city center, so it’s super-easy to walk to all of the top sights, shops and restaurants.

I’ll have the final trip itinerary and pricing very soon, but just to tease a few of the activities I’m working on including:

  • A cooking lesson, mezcal tastings and great restaurant reservations—Oaxaca is known as a top foodie destination, and I LOVE to eat, so this will be an important part of the trip!
  • Cultural experiences like exploring the area’s best tianguis (weekly indigenous market) and visiting craft workshops to see local traditions such as natural dying, weaving, and alebrijes (fantastical creatures carved from copal wood and brightly painted)
  • Touring the impressive pre-Colombian ruins at Monte Albán and seeing the “frozen” waterfall at Hierve el Agua

And much more!

Sign up here to be first on the list when I announce pricing and open up bookings—I’m keeping it small with just 6-8 participants, so you won’t want to miss it!

Ciao for now!

PS: Want to make sure you don’t miss out on this exclusive Oaxaca trip? Join the waitlist now for early access and the latest updates!

Hola! I'm Stephanie


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